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Lemonilo – Instant Noodle Onion Chicken 75gr

Quantity / Carton: 20pcs
Unit Weight: 75gr

Indulge in the delicious flavors of Lemonilo Instant Noodle Soup in Chicken Onion Flavor. These delectable noodles are crafted with care, free from reservatives, flavor enhancers, and artificial coloring, offering you a wholesome and guilt-free dining experience. Infused with natural vegetable extracts, they boast a distinctively appetizing color that adds to the visual delight of your meal.

What makes Lemonilo Instant Noodle Soup truly unique is its innovative cooking process. By foregoing the traditional frying method, the noodles retain their original integrity, resulting in clear cooking water that speaks volumes about their quality. Prepare to immerse yourself in a bowl of pure satisfaction, where deliciousness meets transparency, and your taste buds are treated to a flavorsome delight.