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Bankitwangi – Premium Black Tea (24 gr)

Award-winning Black tea Premium has a smooth, rich, and subtly sweet taste. Produced
from Bukit Sari Tea Estate in West Java, Indonesia. In this area, Assamica tea bushes are
used to produce the beverage. The tea’s distinct flavors and aromas come from these plants,
including a mild maltiness and a touch of tobacco or smoke. The distinct, sweet flavors of
honey and raisins will emerge if you steep the tea for a longer period of time.
Made from the top two leaves and the tea buds are used to create these Premium grades of
Black tea, you get some high-quality tea made from tender young leaves and blossoms (also
called tips). The tea really shines in the Chinese Gong fu Cha tea ceremony, which
emphasizes the careful preparation and consideration of each cup of tea. In this way, you
may rest assured that your cup of tea will be just right.