ABC – Cup Noodle

ABC Cup Noodle has a taste variant packaging a complete environment friendly, featuring live practically flushed hot water, wait a while and can be enjoyed immediately. Packed in plastic cups (not Styrofoam) is safe for health. Available in many flavours: Curry Chicken, Onion Chicken, Beef Meatball, Soto and Hot Gulai Chicken. ALSO Fried Noodle, Fried Spicy Lime-Chicken Flavour

GAGA FOODS – Noodles – Seasoning – Canned

[button link=”” size=”default” icon=”Select a Icon” side=”left” target=”” color=”b70900″ textcolor=”ffffff”]C A T A L O G[/button]   The company owns one of Indonesian’s most popular instant noodles brands, Gaga, Which continually gaining market share in an immensely competitive environment. These brands cater several different market segment and consumers in line with the increasing number of …

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