Our Story

Our Story

InterAromat B.V. is limited liability under Dutch Law and it operates with registered address in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Importing and Exporting finished goods and bulk products mainly in Europe.

Its market cover mostly Asian and ethnic markets in Europe from wholesalers to selected main stream players. InterAromat B.V. sources its product mainly from INDONESIA and selected East Asian countries.

Through regular active participations and attendance in various trade shows InterAromat B.V. has developed a vast commercial- and trading network between East Asia and Europe.

As distributor InterAromat B.V. carries various selected premium products that has passed certain criterium that match with the current progress of the market demand as well as market supply.

InterAromat B.V. is believed to have reasonably strong foothold to market, distribute and export to selected countries within European Community for selected food and beverages products.