2TANG – Premium Tea

High quality and premium selection of tea, hand picked from own plantation in Indonesia PREMIUM JASMINE TEA: is a perfect blend of the highest grade of fresh tea scented with


SOSRO – TEHBOTOL ORIGINAL Nature and quality are maintained in every bottle of Tehbotol Sosro, to present the unique taste and aroma of tea leaves for everyone’s enjoyment. Made from

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Imperial Grade A salute of specific tea type the has exceeded all expection of regionally grown tea suppose to be like. Imperial Black is developed from special clones that is

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BUKIT SARI – Black Tea

The award winning AVPA international tea competition 2018 in Paris, France

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At times when Indonesia is one of the main source of Tea next to India and China, all our Premium Teas is exported abroad to satisfy pallets of foreigner. With

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HARENDONG – Oolong Tea Plantation

Organic Estate – Single Origin Indonesian Tea Terroir Mountainous Landscape, Mineral Rich Soil Purpose – Crafted Tea as Nature Intended


HARENDONG – Medium Oolong Tea

Style: Rolled Leafs Note: The brew of this tea yields a full sweet taste with floral fragrance with the hint of honey. Long lingering finish.

BUKIT SARI – Tea Plantation

Bukit Sari estate known as “Citamboer” or Tjitamboer (during Dutch Colonialisation age) which literally mean “The sound of Tamboer” (an Indonesian traditional percussion). It was named after the sounds made