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Nutmeg ABCD, Sound Shrivels, Calibrated, Pulp, Mace

Vanilla beans

Vanilla-Tahitensis Papua origin. Grade 15cm and up. Colour Dark Brown. Moisture 25-30. Vanillin content about 0,5-0,8. Packaging in plastic vacuum of 1,5kg. Outer Carton box of 20kg   Vanilla tahitensis beans: is a vine that

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BUKIT SARI – Black Tea

The award winning AVPA international tea competition 2018 in Paris, France

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HARENDONG – Oolong Tea Plantation

Organic Estate – Single Origin Indonesian Tea Terroir Mountainous Landscape, Mineral Rich Soil Purpose – Crafted Tea as Nature Intended

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HARENDONG – Medium Oolong Tea

Style: Rolled Leafs Note: The brew of this tea yields a full sweet taste with floral fragrance with the hint of honey. Long lingering finish.

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BUKIT SARI – Tea Plantation

Bukit Sari estate known as “Citamboer” or Tjitamboer (during Dutch Colonialisation age) which literally mean “The sound of Tamboer” (an Indonesian traditional percussion). It was named after the sounds made