BANKITWANGI Organic Tisane Tea Blends collection


BANKITWANGI Organic Pandanus Tea
Ingredients: Pandan, Jasmine Tea
the duplex box

Pandan is said to be the vanilla of Asian dishes, it is widely found in dishes as well as dessert. The love for Pandan spans in whole Asia culture since it has the sweet and creamy aroma that Pandan leaf emits in the brew, with the mixture of Jasmine tea a strong Jasmine blossoms aroma infused green tea.

Taste of Amsterdam’s Organic Pandanus Tea paired with “Taco Ajam” at Ron Gastrobar Indonesia in Amsterdam


BANKITWANGI Organic Java Evening Tea
Ingredients: Lemongrass, Ginger, Black Tea Premium
the duplex box

This tea captures your imagination of the atmosphere and melancholy feeling at evening time in highland Java. The best Tisane tea blend to enjoy during sunset, when the climate changes from scorching hot days to the cool blanket of humid night breeze in the afternoon.


BANKITWANGI Organic Enliven Tea
Ingredients: Lemongrass Jasmine Tea
the duplex box

Truly tea that rejuvenates: Organic Enliven Teas rejuvenates the lively spirit. It is the blended teas that has unique blends of taste fruity yet flavourful. The Jasmine aroma will rejuvenate and with the sparks of lemongrass, it will bring out the freshness and fruity aroma of the whole blend. It is great to consume at the start of the day to get you ready for full day activity.

Taste of Amsterdam’s Organic Enliven Tea pairing with “Sate Ajam” at Ron Gastrobar Indonesia in Amsterdam during
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BANKITWANGI Organic Downtown Tea
Ingredients: Ginger, Jasmine Tea
the duplex box

It is aromatic and yet strong in taste and body. The name of Downtown usually represents the characteristic of the central area or main business and commercial are of a town or city. Downtown Tea refreshes and rejuvenates your meeting time. The Jasmine floral aroma, intense body but warm subtle and smooth like all the metropolitan lifestyle.

Taste of Amsterdam’s Organic Downtown Tea pairing at Ron Gastrobar Indonesia in Amsterdam during Taste of Amsterdam
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BANKITWANGI Organic Ayurveda Tea Ingredients: Lemongrass, Tea Premium
the duplex box

It is rich in antioxidant and rejuvenating. This herbal tea blend is in perfect balance for healthy herbal infused drinks. We blend the best of the most natural antioxidant pumped product to give the boost that the body needs to repair broken cells and rejuvenates.


BANKITWANGI Organic Cinnamon Tea Ingredients: Cinnamon, Black Tea Premium
the duplex box

A treat for sweet look and for those who are looking for alternatives to cleanse the mouth after enjoying a meal. The wweet taste and aroma of Cinnamon boosted with the sweet aroma are coming from the Black Tea Premium that just seals the perfect dessert tea for the sweet taste seeker. It is indeed refreshing and yet rejuvenating.


BANKITWANGI Organic Chai Tea Ingredients: Cinnamon, Ginger, Clove, Black Tea Premium
the duple box

Chai is one of the most famous tea blends in the world. It is a centuries-old herbal tea blend which has played an important role in many cultures. It originates from India the tea uses many spices such as Ginger, Clove, Cinnamon and of course Black Tea as the base. Many people like to enjoy it with heavy milk and sweetener to enhance the umami and pleasant taste.


BANKITWANGI Organic Mountain Breeze Tea
Ingredients: Mint Leaf, Green Tea Premium
the duplex box

The tea blend is inspired by the cold breeze from the mountain that rejuvenates and refreshing. The Organic Mountain Breeze blends our plantation’s grown Green Tea and Mint Leaf, blends to the perfect composition so that balance of this 2 high-grown product complements each other and still gives out the characteristics from the product that grows in high altitudes.


BANKITWANGI Organic Limoncello Tea
Ingredients: Lemongrass, Mint, Green Tea Premium
the duplex box

Limoncello is the name that we give to this herbal blend of refreshing, lemony, green taste. This perfect blend captures the sweetnes, slight umami from lemon and freshness. Light and lasting aftertaste. The perfect blend to enjoy after a meal and great blend to consume during the rainy season.

Organic Limoncello Tea paired with “Oseng Domba” at Ron Gastrobar Indonesia in Amsterdam
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RETAIL BOX (duplex box)

Sachet Specifications (portion pack)

Sachet weight: 0,92g

Gross weigth: 6,5g

Net weight: 5g of tea

Retail Box / Duplex Box Specifications

Content: 8 sachets

Gross weight: 67,48g

Net weight: 40g of tea

Dimension: 100x150x50mm

Carton Specifications

Content: 12 retail box / duplex box

Gross weight: 1,5kg

Dimension: 225x205x327mm

Storage suggestion

Keep away from sun and rain, Handle with care, Do not stack above with heavy object, Do no tack above 8 box

BULK PACK for Horeca / Food Service

Bulk Pack
Bulk Pack and Sachet content

Bulk Pack Specifications

Content: 100 sachets (portion pack)

Net weight: 500g


Carton Specifications

Content: 3 Bulk Pack

Gross weight: 1,5kg

Dimension: 225x205x327mm


EU Organic Certification
USDA Organic Certification
JAS Organic Certification


AVPA award received in 2019 in Paris, France
AVPA ceremonial award
Bankitwangi at a Diplomatic Reception in Paris, France