HUMBANG – Roasted Arabica – North Sumatera Lintong Coffee

Humbang Arabica Coffee comes from Sirisirisi Village, Dolok Sanggul, Humbang Hasudutan in North Sumatera province.

Dolok Sanggul lies in an altitude between 1100-1500 meters above sea level, which makes it a great place to grow coffee. Coffee varieties planted in this area were mostly Lasuna Coffee, a type of coffee that has been introduced since the Dutch Colonial era. Nowadays, Sigarar Utang variety is the most planted in this area. The coffee farming system in Humbang Hasundutan is a collective system where the majority of households grow coffee in their home yards.

Humbang Arabica Coffee is collected directly from coffee farmers through a farmer group, known as Gapoktan Mutiara Kasih, especially coffee farmers, by increasing the selling price of their products to a sustainable level.