Vanilla-Tahitensis Papua origin. Grade 15cm and up. Colour Dark Brown. Moisture 25-30. Vanillin content about 0,5-0,8. Packaging in plastic vacuum of 1,5kg. Outer Carton box of 20kg


Vanilla tahitensis beansis a vine that grows on threes for support. It has zig-zag stems, narrow elliptic leaves and yellowish flowers, which are flowed by bunches of bean-like pods. As compared to the more widely grown Vanilla planifolia, the pods are shorter and broader and its taste and fragrance are also distinctive.

Cultivation The seed is planted at the foot of a small tree and the vine scrambles up the trunk. When it gets too tall to be easily reached, it is detached from the trunk and wound round it, the trunk becoming surrounded by multiple layers of vine. The plant starts flowering when three years old, and as the flowers only last for a day, hand-pollinating them needs to be done in a timely manner. The pods develop over a period of about nine months, and when they turn reddish-brown, they are picked by hand. They are then sun-dried by day and placed in sweatboxes by night. The curing and fermentation process lasts for about three months, during which time the pods lose much of their moisture and become supple and oily.

Available variant 

  • Vanilla-Tahitensis Papua origin
  • Grade 15cm and up
  • Colour Dark Brown
  • Moisture 25-30
  • Vanillin content 0,5-0,8
  • Packaging in plastic vacuum of 1,5kg
  • Outer Carton box of 20kg