silver needle white tea

silver needle tea is a very unique and precious tea, and it considered to be the best of all white teas

why is it so special

it is made of young unopened tea silver buds. it has a needle shaped young buds and covered with very fine hairs

processing silver needle tea

it has minimal oxidation and considered unoxidized tea


silver needle buds are carefully laid in a shallow baskets. the process is done indoor


the buds are bake-dried at a low temperature

silver needle tea benefits

boost immune system – contains antioxidants and rich in polyphenols that keeps away the bacteria and viruses

hearth health – antioxidants promoting heart health by lowering bad cholesterol and strengthening blood vessels

digestion aid – this is a light and mellow tea that perfect to improve digestion when feel cramp or nausea. helps relieving stomach acidity

promotes body fat loss by boosting body metabolism and help getting rid of unwanted materials

coffee substitute due to rich in caffeine and theanine a component that gives one mind a calm of awareness

health mouth and teeth due to refreshing flavour and aid killing bacteria that harms mouth and teeth

side effects

considered high level of caffeine but definitely less than coffee

white tea and pregnancy does not forego due to caffeine level

combination of soil, climate, geography, teroir.

Bukit sari Won AVPA Tea Contest




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